Dear Tenants of A&G Property Management,

In the past few weeks our office has received complaints about missing packages or packages being delivered to the wrong address.

First and foremost we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but due to the fact that our buildings do not have a doorman nor are we able to control the door and gates being locked 100% of the time, we too have completed some research in the hope in helping resolve the problem. Given the increase of ecommerce and the number of packages, groceries, etc. that are being delivered we checked into what some of the delivery companies offer as an alternative.

Amazon offers Amazon Lockers, the self-service delivery lockers are located in various locations through out the city and are used for pick up or returns of your amazon packages. In checking the locations many of the lockers are located in your area 7-Eleven stores. Please log into your Amazon account to check for specific locations. Amazon provides a pickup code to scan to pick up your package.

FedEx and UPS offer a variety of delivery services. Once you know which company will be delivering the package, you have the following options:

For FedEx

  • Request that your package will be held at a nearby FedEx Office location or at the delivery station
  • Require a signature on all deliveries
  • Sign up for delivery alerts via email or phone
  • Re-route your package to another address (work address if applicable)
  • For FedEx Express shipments – delivery is available by a certain time provided by the recipient
  • FedEx offers FedEx Evening Home Delivery or FedEx Appointment Home Delivery


  • Sign up for delivery alerts via email or phone
  • Request that your package will be held at a nearby UPS location
  • Require a signature on all deliveries
  • Re-route your package to another address, another day or choose a 2 hour confirmed delivery window
  • Manage your home deliveries through an online delivery planner
  • Tell your UPS driver where to leave your package if you aren’t home

As an additional note FedEx will not accept keys to the building, UPS on the other hand will accept a key but only the local driver will have that key. Which also does not solve the issue because if other trucks have a delivery that specific truck driver will not have a key and leave the package wherever they deem available.

We hope this will help in resolving the problem but please remember there is always an inherent risk of something delivered and just being left on the sidewalk or visible from the street by the front door if you are not home to accept the package.

Thank you,

A&G Property Management



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